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M & A Europe
M Magazine
M/F: A Feminist Journal
Mac Addict
Macedonian Review
Machine Design
Machine Learning
Machine Mediated Learning
Machine Translation
Machine Vibration
Machine Vision & Applications
Machinery & Production Engineering
Maclas: Latin American Essays
Macroeconomic Dynamics
Macromolecular Chemistry & Physics
Macromolecular Materials & Engineering
Macromolecular Rapid Communications
Macromolecular Reports
Macromolecular Reviews
Macromolecular Theory & Simulations
Magazine littéraire
Magazine of American History
Magazine of Art
Magazine of Concrete Research
Magazine of History
Magazine of Wall Street
Magnesium Research
Magnetic & Electrical Separation
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North America
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology & Medicine
Magnetic Resonance Quarterly
Magnetic Resonance Review
Mail: The Journal of Communication Distribution
Mailbox Bookbag
Mailbox Preschool
Main Group Metal Chemistry
Maine Archaeological Society Bulletin
Maine Bulletin
Maine Historical Society Quarterly
Maine History
Maine Mammal Science
Maine Policy Review
Maintenance Engineering
Maintenance Technology
Makromoleculare Chemie. All sections
Malacological Review
Malaysia in History
Mammal Review
Mammalian Genome
Man & Medicine
Man & World
Man (Royal Anthropological Institute)
Man in India
Man in Southeast Asia
Man in the Northeast
Man, Environment, Space & Time
Managed Care Quarterly
Management & Avoidance of Complications of Eyelid Surgery
Management & Marketing Research
Management Accounting
Management Accounting (British)
Management Accounting Research
Management Communication Quarterly
Management Decision
Management Development Review
Management for Strategic Business Ideas
Management in Education
Management International Review
Management Learning
Management Literature in Brief
Management of Personnel Quarterly
Management of World Wastes
Management Quarterly
Management Review
Management Science
Management Today
Management World
Manager Update
Managerial & Decision Economics
Managerial Auditing Journal
Managerial Finance
Managing Automation
Managing Information
Managing Intellectual Property
Managing International Development
Managing Office Technology
Manchester Papers on Development
Manchester Review
Manchester School of Economics & Social Studies
Mangroves & Salt Marshes
Mankind Quarterly
Manual Therapy
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
Manufacturing Chemist
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Review
Manufacturing Systems
Manuscripta Geodaetica
Manuscripta Mathematica
Manuscripta Orientalia
Map Collector
Map Collectors' Circle
Mapping Sciences & Remote Sensing
Margins & Institutions
Marine & Freshwater Research
Marine & Petroleum Geology
Marine Behaviour & Physiology
Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. Journal
Marine Biology
Marine Biology Letters
Marine Biotechnology
Marine Chemistry
Marine Ecology
Marine Ecology: Progress Series
Marine Environmental Research
Marine Fisheries Review
Marine Geodesy
Marine Geology
Marine Georesources & Geotechnology
Marine Log
Marine Mammal Science
Marine Microbial Food Webs
Marine Micropaleontology
Marine Mining
Marine Observer
Marine Ornithology
Marine Policy
Marine Policy Reports
Marine Policy Review
Marine Pollution Bulletin
Marine Resources Economics
Marine Science & Technology
Marine Structures
Marine Technology
Marine Technology Society Journal
Mariner's Mirror
Maritime Life & Traditions
Maritime Mission Studies
Maritime Policy & Management
Maritime Sediments
Markers XI
Market Research Society. Journal
Marketing & Media Decisions
Marketing & Research Today
Marketing Communications
Marketing Education Review
Marketing Educators Journal
Marketing Health Services
Marketing Letters
Marketing Management
Marketing Management
Marketing Panoramic Review
Marketing Research
Marketing Review
Marketing Science
Markham Review
Markov Processes & Related Fields
Marquette Business Review
Marquette Law Review
Marriage & Family Counselors Quarterly
Marriage & Family Living (Indiana)
Marriage & Family Review
Martha Stewart Living
Martha Stewart Living
Marxism Today
Marxist Perspectives
Marxist Quarterly
Marxist Review
Maryland Conservationist
Maryland Historian
Maryland Historical Magazine
Maryland Journal of International Law & Trade
Maryland Law Review
Maryland Magazine of Genealogy
Maske und Kothurn
Mass Comm Review
Mass Communication & Society
Mass Spectrometry Reviews
Massachusetts Archaeological Society. Bulletin
Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings
Massachusetts Review
Massachusetts Studies in English
Materia Medica Polona
Material Culture
Material Handling Engineering
Material Handling Management
Material History Bulletin
Material Instabilities
Materials & Corrosion
Materials & Design
Materials & Manufacturing Processes
Materials & Society
Materials & Structure
Materials at High Temperatures
Materials Characterization
Materials Chemistry & Physics
Materials Evaluation
Materials Forum
Materials Journal (ACI)
Materials Letters
Materials Management & Distribution
Materials Performance
Materials Physics and Mechanics
Materials Research Bulletin
Materials Science
Materials Science & Engineering
Materials Science & Technology
Materials Science Forum
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing
Materials Science Reports
Materials Technology
Materials Today
Materials Transactions-JIM
Maternal & Child Health Journal
Maternal-Child Nursing Journal
Mathematica Balkanica
Mathematica Bohemica
Mathematica Japonica
Mathematica Journal
Mathematica Scandinavica
Mathematica Slovaca
Mathematical & Computer Modelling
Mathematical & Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems
Mathematical Biosciences
Mathematical Engineering in Industry
Mathematical Finance
Mathematical Gazette
Mathematical Geology. Cf. International Association for…
Mathematical Inequalities & Applications
Mathematical Inequalities & Applications
Mathematical Intelligencer
Mathematical Logic Quarterly
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research
Mathematical Modeling & Computational Experiment
Mathematical Modelling
Mathematical Modelling & Numerical Analysis
Mathematical Models & Methods in Applied Sciences
Mathematical Notes
Mathematical Notes of the USSR
Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry
Mathematical Population Studies
Mathematical Problems in Engineering
Mathematical Programming
Mathematical Programming Study
Mathematical Research Letters
Mathematical Scientist
Mathematical Social Sciences
Mathematical Society of Japan. Journal
Mathematical Spectrum
Mathematical Studies in Economics & Statistics in USSR & Eastern Europe
Mathematical Systems Theory
Mathematics & Computer Education
Mathematics & Computers in Simulation
Mathematics & Mechanics of Solids
Mathematics Education Research Journal
Mathematics in School
Mathematics in Science & Engineering
Mathematics Magazine
Mathematics of Computation
Mathematics of Control, Signals, & Systems
Mathematics of Operations Research
Mathematics Teacher
Mathematics Teaching
Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School
Mathematics Today
Mathematische Annalen
Mathematische Nachrichten
Mathematische Zeitschrift
Matrix & Tensor Quarterly
Matrix Biology
Matyc Journal
Mayflower Quarterly
Mayo Clinic. Proceedings
McCall's Magazine
McClure's Magazine
McGill Journal of Education
McGill Journal of Political Economy
MCN. Cf. American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing
MD Computing
MD Magazine
Measurement & Control
Measurement & Evaluation in Counseling & Development
Measurement Science & Control
Measurement Science & Technology
Measurement Techniques
Meat Science
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Design
Mechanical Engineering Education
Mechanical Sciences
Mechanical Systems
Mechanical Translation & Computational Linguistics
Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures
Mechanics of Cohesive-Frictional Materials
Mechanics of Composite Materials
Mechanics of Materials
Mechanics of Solids
Mechanics Research Communications
Mechanism & Machine Theory
Mechanisms of Ageing & Development
Mechanisms of Development
Mechanisms of Molecular Migrations
Mechatronic Systems Engineering
Media & Methods
Media Culture & Society
Media Ethics
Media History
Media History Digest
Media Psychology
Media Studies Journal
Media Week
Mediaeval Scandinavia
Mediaeval Studies
Mediaevalia: A Journal of Medieval Studies
Mediation Quarterly
Mediators of Inflammation
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing
Medical & Pediatric Oncology
Medical & Surgical Dermatology
Medical & Veterinary Entomology
Medical Anthropology
Medical Anthropology Quarterly
Medical Care
Medical Care Research & Review
Medical Care Review
Medical Clinics of North America
Medical Decision Making
Medical Dosimetry
Medical Economics
Medical Economics for Surgeons
Medical Education
Medical Electron Microscopy
Medical Engineering & Physics
Medical Entomology & Zoology
Medical Grand Rounds
Medical Group Management Journal
Medical History
Medical Humanities
Medical Humanities Review
Medical Hypotheses
Medical Image Analysis
Medical Imaging
Medical Journal of Australia
Medical Laboratory Sciences
Medical Laboratory Technology
Medical Law International
Medical Library Association. Bulletin
Medical Marketing & Media
Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Medical Oncology & Tumor Pharmacotherapy
Medical Physics
Medical Principles & Practice
Medical Problems of Performing Artists
Medical Progress through Technology
Medical Psychotherapy
Medical Reference Services Quarterly
Medical Science Research
Medical Sentinel
Medical Teacher
Medical Toxicology
Medical Trial Technique Quarterly
Medicinal Chemistry Research
Medicinal Research Reviews
Medicine & Global Survival
Medicine & Law
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
Medicine & Science Research
Medicine & Sport Science
Medicine & War
Medicine North America
Medicine of the Americas
Medicine Today
Medicine, Exercise, Nutrition & Health
Medicine, Science & the Law
Medicine's Geographic Heritage
Medieval Archaeology
Medieval Encounters
Medieval English Theatre
Medieval Feminis
Medieval Feminist Newsletter
Medieval History
Medieval Perspectives
Medieval Philosophy & Theology
Medieval Prosopography
Medievalia et Humanistica
Mediterranean Historical Review
Mediterranean Politics
Mediterranean Quarterly
Mediterranean Review
Medium Ævum
MEED. Cf. Middle East Economic Digest
Meetings & Conventions
Melanoma Research
Membrane & Cell Biology
Membrane Biochemistry
Membrane Biology
Memory & Cognition
Men's Fitness
Mendeleev Communications
Menninger Clinic. Bulletin
Mennonite Life
Mennonite Quarterly Review
Menopause Review
Menorah Monthly
Menorah: Australian Journal of Jewish Studies
Men's Health
Mental & Physical Disability Law Reporter
Mental Handicap Research
Mental Hygiene
Mental Retardation
Mercator's World
Mercure de France
Mercury: The Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Mergers & Acquisitions
Merrill Palmer Quarterly
Mesoamerican Notes
Metabolic Brain Disease
Metabolic, Pediatric & Systemic Ophthalmology
Metal Finishing
Metal Powder Report
Metal Science & Heat Treatment
Metal-Based Drugs
Metallic Materials
Metallurgical Abstracts on Light Metals & Alloys
Metallurgical Transactions
Metalworking Production
Metaphor & Symbolic Activity
Meteorological Applications
Meteorological Magazine
Meteorological Society of Japan. Journal
Meteorology & Atmospheric Physics
Method & Theory in the Study of Religion
Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies
Methodist History
Methodology & Science
Methods & Findings
Methods in Cell Science
Methods in Enzymology
Methods in Neurobiology
Methods in Neurosciences
Methods in Organic Synthesis
Methods of Experimental Physics-Solid State Physics
Metropolitan Home
Metropolitan Museum Journal
Metropolitan Museum of Art. Annual Report/Bulletin/Notable Acquisitions
Metropolitan Museum Studies
Metropolitan Universities
Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis
Mexican Quarterly Review
Mexican Studies
Mexico Quarterly Review
MHQ: Quarterly Journal of Military History
Miami Law Quarterly
Michigan Academician
Michigan Academy of Science Report
Michigan Academy of Science, Arts & Letters. Papers
Michigan Alumnus
Michigan Archaeologist
Michigan Business Studies
Michigan Education Journal
Michigan Historical Review
Michigan History
Michigan Journal of Economics
Michigan Journal of Political Science
Michigan Law Review
Michigan Mathematical Journal
Michigan Pioneer & Historical Collections
Michigan Quarterly Review
Michigan State University Quarterly Bulletin
Michigan University Museum of Art Bulletin
Michigan University School of Education Bulletin
Microbeam Analysis
Microbes & Infection
Microbial & Comparative Genomics
Microbial Drug Resistance
Microbial Drug Resistence
Microbial Ecology
Microbial Ecology in Health & Science
Microbial Pathogenesis
Microbial Release
Microbiological Research
Microbiology & Molecular Biology Reviews
Microchemical Journal
Microcomputer Applications
Microcomputer Solutions
Microcomputers in Civil Engineering
Microelectronic Engineering
Microelectronics & Reliability
Microelectronics Journal
Microform & Imaging Review
Microform Review
Microgravity Quarterly
Micron & Microscopia Acta
Micronesica: University of Guam. Journal
Microporous & Mesoporous Materials
Microporous Materials
Microprocessing & Microprogramming
Microprocessors & Microsystems
Microscopica Acta
Microscopical Journal
Microscopy Research & Technique
Microscopy Society of America Bulletin
Microsoft Systems Journal
Microsoftware for Engineers
Microstructural Science
Microvascular Research
Microwave & Optical Technology Letters
Microwave Journal
Microwaves & RF
Mid East
Mid-America: An Historical Review
Mid-American Folklore
Mid-American Journal of Business
Mid-American Journal of Politics
Mid-American Review
Mid-American Review of Sociology
Mid-Atlantic Journal of Business
Mid-Atlantic Journal of Business
Mid-Atlantic Journal of Canadian Studies
Mid-continental Journal of Archaeology
Middle East Economic Digest (MEED)
Middle East Focus
Middle East International
Middle East Journal
Middle East Papers
Middle East Policy
Middle East Quarterly
Middle East Report
Middle East Review
Middle East Studies Association Bulletin
Middle Eastern Affairs
Middle Eastern Studies
Middle School Journal
Mideast File
Mid-Hudson Language Studies
Midland Corporation Finance Journal
Midland History
Midwest Finance Association Journal
Midwest Folklore
Midwest Journal
Midwest Modern Language Association. Journal
Midwest Quarterly
Midwest Review
Midwest Sociologist
Midwest Studies in Philosophy
Midwestern Folklore
Midwives Chronicle
Migration News
Migration Today
Migration Today
Mikrochimica Acta
Milbank Quarterly
Military Affairs
Military Collector & Historian
Military Engineer
Military Heritage
Military History
Military History of the Southwest
Military Intelligence
Military Law Review
Military Medicine
Military Operations Research
Military Psychology
Military Review
Military Technology
Military Thought
Millennium Film Journal
Miller Center Journal
Mime Journal
Mind & Language
Mind & Nature
Mind, Culture & Activity
Minds & Machines
Mine Water & the Environment
Mineral & Electrolyte Metabolism
Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy Review
Mineralium Deposita
Mineralogica et Petrographica Acta
Mineralogical Abstracts
Mineralogical Journal
Mineralogical Magazine
Mineralogical Record
Mineralogy & Petrology
Minerals & Materials
Minerals & Metallurgical Processing
Minerals & the Environment
Minerals Engineering
Minerals Science & Engineering
Minerals Today
Minerva: Quarterly Report on Women & the Military
Minerva: Review of Science, Learning & Policy
Ming Studies
Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery
Minimally Invasive Surgical Nursing
Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies
Mining & Metallurgy Quarterly
Mining Engineer
Mining Engineering
Mining Journal
Mining Magazine
Mining Magazine
Mining Science & Technology
Minnesota Academy of Science. Proceedings
Minnesota Academy of Social Sciences. Proceedings
Minnesota Historical Society. Collections
Minnesota History
Minnesota History Bulletin
Minnesota Law Review
Minnesota Libraries
Minnesota Review
Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Minority of One
Minority Voices
MIS Quarterly (Management Information Systems)
Miscellanea Franciscana
Miscellany: A Davidson Review
Missiles & Rockets
Missionary Review of the World
Mississippi Academy of Science. Journal
Mississippi Archaeology
Mississippi Folklore Register
Mississippi Historical Society. Publications
Mississippi History
Mississippi Law Journal
Mississippi Quarterly
Mississippi Review
Mississippi Valley Historical Association. Proceedings
Mississippi Valley Journal of Business & Economics
Missouri Academy of Science. Transactions
Missouri Archaeologist
Missouri Botanical Gardens Bulletin
Missouri Botanical Gardens. Annals
Missouri Folklore Society. Journal
Missouri Historical Review
Missouri Historical Society. Bulletin/Collections
Missouri Law Review
Missouri Review
Mitigation & Adaptation Strategies for Global Change
Mitteilungen der Oesterreichischen Geographischen Gesellschaft
Mitteilunsblatt für Mathematische Statistik
MMWR. Cf. Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Reports
Mobile Computing
Mobile Networks & Applications
MOCT-MOST: Economic Policy in Transitional Economies
Modal Analysis
Model Builder
Modeling, Identification & Control
Modelling & Simulation in Materials Science & Engineering
Modern & Contemporary France
Modern & Contemporary France
Modern African Studies
Modern Age
Modern Asian Studies
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry
Modern Austrian Literature
Modern British Literature
Modern Casting
Modern China
Modern China Studies
Modern Chinese Literature
Modern Chinese Literature & Culture
Modern Drama
Modern Drug Discovery
Modern Drummer
Modern English Teacher
Modern Fiction Studies
Modern Geology
Modern Haiku
Modern Healthcare
Modern Hebrew Literature
Modern Humanities Research Association
Modern International Drama
Modern Italy
Modern Jewish Studies Annual
Modern Judaism
Modern Language Association (PMLA). Publications
Modern Language Association Abstracts
Modern Language Association International Bibliography
Modern Language Journal
Modern Language Notes
Modern Language Quarterly
Modern Language Review
Modern Language Studies
Modern Languages
Modern Law & Society
Modern Law Review
Modern Logic
Modern Materials
Modern Materials Handling
Modern Medicine
Modern Metals
Modern Metals
Modern Monthly
Modern Music
Modern Office Technology
Modern Paint & Coatings
Modern Painters
Modern Pathology
Modern Philology
Modern Photography
Modern Physics Letters
Modern Plastics
Modern Plastics International
Modern Poetry in Translation
Modern Poetry Studies
Modern Power Systems
Modern Psychoanalysis
Modern Quarterly
Modern Review
Modern Schoolman
Modern Science & Vedic Science
Modern Steel Construction
Modern Theology
Modern Theology
Modern Trends in Neurology
Modern Veterinary Practice
Modulus: Architectural Review at the University of Virginia
Molding Systems
Molecular & Biochemical Parasitology
Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry
Molecular & Cellular Biology
Molecular & Cellular Differentiation
Molecular & Cellular Endocrinology
Molecular & Cellular Neurosciences
Molecular & Cellular Probes
Molecular & Chemical Neuropathology
Molecular & General Genetics
Molecular Andrology
Molecular Aspects of Medicine
Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology & Evolution
Molecular Biology & Medicine
Molecular Biology of the Cell
Molecular Biology Reports
Molecular Biology Today
Molecular Biotechnology
Molecular Biotherapy
Molecular Brain Research. Cf. Brain Research
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
Molecular Carcinogenesis
Molecular Cell
Molecular Cell Biology Research Communications
Molecular Crystals & Liquid Crystals
Molecular Crystals & Liquid Crystals: Bulletin/Letters Section
Molecular Diagnosis
Molecular Diversity
Molecular Ecology
Molecular Ecology Notes
Molecular Endocrinology
Molecular Genetics & Metabolism
Molecular Genetics, Microbiology & Virology
Molecular Human Reproduction
Molecular Immunology
Molecular Marine Biology & Biotechnology
Molecular Membrane Biology
Molecular Microbiology
Molecular Neurobiology
Molecular Neuropharmacology
Molecular Pharmacology
Molecular Photochemistry
Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution
Molecular Physics
Molecular Physiology
Molecular Plant Pathology
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions
Molecular Psychiatry
Molecular Reproduction & Development
Molecular Simulation
Molecular Toxicology
Molecules & Cells
Monatshefte für Chemie
Monatshefte für Mathematik
Monatshefte für Musikgeschichte
Monatshefte: A Journal Devoted to the Study of German Language & Literature
Money Affairs
Mongolian Society. Bulletin
Mongolian Studies
Monoclonal Antibody News
Monographic Review
Monographs in Contemporary Audiology
Monography in Organizational Behavior & Industrial Relations
Montana Academy of Science. Proceedings
Montana: The Magazine of Western History
Monthly Energy Review
Monthly Forum on Women in Higher Education
Monthly Labor Review
Monthly Review
Monthly Vital Statistics Report
Monthly Weather Review
Monumenta Nipponica
Monumental Brass Society. Transactions.
Moody's Manuals. All titles
Moon & the Planets
Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWR)
Mortgage Banking
Morton Arboretum Quarterly
Mosaic (Manitoba. University)
Mosaic (National Science Foundation)
Mosaic: Review of Jewish Thought & Culture
Moscow Mathematical Society. Transactions
Moscow Physical Society. Journal
Moscow Times
Moscow University. All titles
Mosquito News
Mosquito Systematics
Mother Earth News
Mother Jones
Motion Control
Motivation & Emotion
Motor Boating & Sailing
Motor Control
Motor Trend
Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine
Mountain Geologist
Mountain Research & Development
Mouse News Letter
Movement Disorders
Moving Out
Moyen Age
MRS Bulletin (Materials Research Society)
msdn Magazine
MTM Journal of Methods-Time Measurement
Multibody System Dynamics
Multicultural Education
MultiCultural Review
Multidimensional Systems & Signal Processing
Multimedia Review
Multimedia Schools
Multimedia Systems
Multinational Business Review
Multinational Finance Journal
Multiple Sclerosis: Clinical & Laboratory Research
Multivariate Behavioral Research
Multivariate Behavioral Research Monographs
Multivariate Experimental Clinical Research
Mundo Hispanico
Municipal Finance Journal
Municipal Management: A Journal
Municipal Reference Library Notes
Municipal Yearbook
Munsey's Magazine
Muscle & Nerve
Muscular Dystrophy Abstracts
Museum (UNESCO)
Museum Africum
Museum Anthropology
Museum Echoes
Museum Helveticum
Museum Journaal
Museum Magazine
Museum Management & Curatorship
Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle. Bulletin
Museum News
Museum of Comparative Zoology Bulletin
Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Östasiatiska Museet)
Museum of Foreign Literature
Museum of Modern Art. Bulletin
Museum Studies (Art Institute of Chicago)
Museum Studies Journal
Museum Work
Museums Bulletin
Museums Journal
Music & Artists
Music & Computer Educator
Music & Letters
Music & Man
Music & Musicians
Music Analysis
Music Educators Journal
Music Magazine
Music Opinion
Music Perception
Music Reference Services Quarterly
Music Research Forum
Music Review
Music Survey
Music Teachers National Association. Proceedings
Music Theory Spectrum
Music Therapy
Music Therapy Perspectives
Musica Disciplina
Musica Judaica
Musical America
Musical Courier
Musical Heritage Review
Musical Opinion
Musical Quarterly
Musical Times
Musik und Kirche
Musikforschung (Die)
Muslim World
Mutation Research
Mutual Funds
Mycological Research
Mycological Society of Japan. Transactions
Mystics Quarterly

73 Amateur Radio Today
Nagoya Mathematical Journal
Nan Nu: Men, Women and Gender in Early and Imperial China
Nano Letters
Nanostructured Materials
Nantucket Review
NARAS Journal
Nasa Tech Briefs
Nassau Review
National Academy of Sciences (USA). Biographical Memoirs/Proceedings
National Association for Bilingual Education. Journal
National Association for Women Deans, Administrators & Counselors. Journal
National Association of Desktop Publishers. Journal
National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) Bulletin
National Banking Review
National Black Law Journal
National Black Nurses' Association. Journal
National Black Review
National Business Education Quarterly
National Cancer Institute. Journal/Monographs
National Civic Review
National Conference of Catholic Charities
National Defense
National Education Association Research Bulletin
National Education Association. Addresses & Proceedings
National Elementary Principal
National Forensic Journal
National Forum
National Forum of Applied Educational Research Journal
National Forum of Educational Administration
National Forum of Teacher Education Journal
National Genealogical Society Quarterly
National Geographic Journal of India
National Geographic Magazine
National Geographic Research & Exploration
National Geographic Traveler
National Geographic World
National Horticultural Magazine
National Institute of Justice Journal
National Institute of Social Science Journal
National Institute of Standards & Technology. Journal of Research
National Interest
National Journal
National Journal of Sociology
National Lampoon
National Magazine
National Medical Association. Journal
National Parks
National Pastime
National Policy Papers
National Productivity Review
National Public Accountant
National Real Estate Investor
National Review
National Review Bulletin
National Sculpture Review
National Security Studies Quarterly
National Social Science Journal
National Society for the Study of Education Yearbook
National Storytelling Journal
National Strength & Conditioning Association Journal
National Tax Journal
National Underwriter. All sections
National Westminster Bank Quarterly Review
National Wildlife
National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) Journal
Nationalities Papers
Nations & Nationalism
Nation's Business
Nation's Schools
Native Americas
Native Peoples
Native Studies Review
NATO Review
Nato's Sixteen Nations
NATS Journal
Natural Areas Journal
Natural Hazards
Natural Hazards Review
Natural Health
Natural History
Natural History Museum. Bulletin
Natural History Research
Natural Immunity
Natural Immunity & Cell Growth Regulation
Natural Language & Linguistic Theory
Natural Language Engineering
Natural Language Semantics
Natural Product Letters
Natural Resource Modeling
Natural Resources & Development
Natural Resources & Environment
Natural Resources Forum
Natural Resources Journal
Natural Science
Natural Toxins
Nature & Human Activities
Nature & Resources
Nature & Resources
Nature & System
Nature (London)
Nature Biotechnology
Nature Cell Biology
Nature Conservancy
Nature Genetics
Nature Medicine
Nature Reviews: Neuroscience
Nature Structural Biology
Nature, Society, & Thought
Nature: Directory of Biologicals
Nautical Quarterly
Naval Architect
Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, Inc.
Naval Engineers Journal
Naval Forces
Naval History
Naval Research Logistics Quarterly
Naval Research Reviews
Naval War College Review
Navy International
NDT&E International
Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin
Near East Report
Near Eastern Archaeology
Nebraska History
Nebraska Journal of Economics & Business
Nebraska Review
Nebraska State Historical Society. Collections/Publication
Nebraska State History
Nebraska Symposium on Motivation
Nef (La)
Negotiation Journal
Negro American Literature Forum
Negro Educational Review
Negro Heritage
Negro History Bulletin
Negro Quarterly
Neonatal Intensive Care
Neonatal Network
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation
Nephrology Nursing Journal
Netherlands International Law Review
Netherlands Journal of Agricultural Science
Netherlands Journal of Medicine
Netherlands Journal of Plant Pathology
Netherlands Journal of Sea Research
Netherlands Journal of Social Science
Netherlands Journal of Sociology
Netherlands Journal of Zoology
Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights
Network Administrator
Network Computing
Network Magazine
Network: Computation in Neural Systems
Neue Deutsche Hefte
Neue Deutsche Literatur
Neue Rundschau
Neuephilologische Mitteilungen
Neuphilologische Zeitschrift
Neural Computation
Neural Computing & Applications
Neural Network Review
Neural Networks
Neurobehavioral Toxicology & Teratology
Neurobiology of Aging
Neurobiology of Disease
Neurobiology of Learning & Memory
Neurochemical Research
Neurochemistry International
Neuroendocrinology Letters
Neurogastroenterology & Motility
Neuroimaging Clinics of North America
Neurologic Clinics
Neurological Bulletin
Neurological Infections & Epidemiology
Neurological Research
Neurological Sciences
Neurology Psychiatry & Brain Research
Neuromuscular Disorders
Neuropathology & Applied Neurobiology
Neuropharmacology (Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation)
Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology & Behavioral Neurology
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
Neuropsychology Review
Neuroscience & Behavioral Physiology
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews
Neuroscience Letters
Neuroscience News
Neuroscience Research
Neurosciences Research
Neurosurgery Clinics of North America
Neurosurgery Quarterly
Neurosurgical Review
Neurotoxicology & Teratology
Neurourology & Urodynamics
Nevada Historical Quarterly
Nevada Historical Society Quarterly
New Accountant
New Advocate
New Africa
New African
New Age Journal
New American
New American (Russian/English Monthly)
New American Review
New American Writing
New Art Examiner
New Art International
New Asia Review
New Astronomy
New Astronomy Reviews
New Blackfriars
New Canadian Review
New China Quarterly
New Community
New Contrast
New Criterion
New Developments in Medicine
New Diffusionist
New Directions for Women
New Directions. All sections
New Education
New Electronics
New England Garden History Society, Journal
New England Historical & Genealogical Register
New England Journal of Business & Economics
New England Journal of History
New England Journal of Medicine
New England Journal of Public Policy
New England Journal of Zoology
New England Journal on Criminal & Civil Confinement
New England Law Review
New England Magazine
New England Quarterly
New England Review & Bread Loaf Quarterly
New England Theatre Journal
New Era in Education
New Flora & Silva
New Forests
New Formations
New Generation
New Generation Computing
New Geographical Literature & Maps
New German Critique
New German Studies
New Guard
New Hampshire Archeologist
New Haven Colony Historical Society. Journal
New Horizons
New Humanist
New Hungarian Quarterly
New Ideas in Psychology
New International Review
New Jersey Archives
New Jersey Historical Society. Annual Reports/Proceedings
New Jersey History
New Journal of Chemistry
New Labor Forum
New Law Journal
New Leader
New Left Review
New Letters
New Library World
New Literary History
New Literatures Review
New Lugano Review
New Management
New Media
New Media & Society
New Medicine
New Mexico Business
New Mexico Historical Review
New Mexico Humanities Review
New Mexico Quarterly
New Novel Review
New Orleans Review
New Outlook
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Ocean Development & International Law
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Ocular Inflammation & Therapeutics
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Odu: Journal of West African Studies
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Omega: Journal of Death & Dying
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Operations Research Society of America. Bulletin
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Operative Dentistry
Operative Techniques in Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery
Operative Techniques in General Surgery
Operative Techniques in Orthopaedics
Operative Techniques in Sports Medicine
Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics
Ophthalmic Laser Therapy
Ophthalmic Literature
Ophthalmic Paediatrics & Genetics
Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Ophthalmic Research
Ophthalmic Surgery
Ophthalmological Societies of the United Kingdom. Transactions
Ophthalmology Clinics of North America
Optica Acta
Optical & Acoustical Review
Optical & Quantum Electronics
Optical Computing & Processing
Optical Engineering
Optical Information Systems
Optical Materials
Optical Memory & Neural Networks
Optical Society of America. Journal
Optical Society. Transactions
Optical Spectra
Optics & Laser Technology
Optics & Lasers in Engineering
Optics & Photonics News
Optics & Spectroscopy
Optics Communications
Optics Letters
Optimal Control Applications & Methods
Optimization Methods & Software
Optoelectronics Instrumentation & Data Processing
Optometry & Vision Science
Optometry Clinics
OR/MS Index
OR/MS Today
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Oral Diseases
Oral History Review
Oral Microbiology & Immunology
Oral Oncology
Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine & Oral Pathology
Oral Tradition
Orate Fratres
Orbis Litterarum
Order: A Journal on the Theory of Ordered Sets…
Oregon Historical Quarterly
Oregon History
Oregon Law Review
Oregon University Museum of Natural History. Bulletin
Organ Institute Quarterly
Organic Gardening & Farming
Organic Gardening (Rodale's)
Organic Geochemistry
Organic Letters
Organic Mass Spectrometry
Organic Mass Spectroscopy
Organic Preparation & Procedures International
Organic Process Research & Development
Organic Reaction Mechanisms
Organic Reactions
Organic Syntheses
Organisms Diversity & Evolution
Organization & Environment
Organization Development Journal
Organization of American States. Annals/Chronicle
Organization Science
Organization Studies
Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes
Organizational Behavior Teaching Review
Organizational Dynamics
Organizational Research Methods
Organometallic Chemistry
Orgonomic Functionalism
Orient Syrien
Oriental Art
Oriental Economist
Oriental Geographer
Origins of Life
Orion Magazine
ORL Head & Neck Nursing
Ornitologische Monatshefte
ORSA Journal on Computing
Orthopaedic Nursing
Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Clinics of North America
Orthopaedic Transactions
Orthopedic Clinics of North America
Orthotics & Prosthetics
Orton Society. Bulletin
Osaka Journal of Mathematics
Osteoarthritis & Cartilage
Osteoporosis International
Osteuropa Naturwissenschaft
Osteuropa Recht
Osteuropa Wirtschaft
Osteuropa Zeitschrift für Gegenwarts
Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America
Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery
Otology and Neurotology
Ottawa University Quarterly
Ottawa University Review
Otto Rank Association. Journal
Our Generation
Our Generation against Nuclear War
Our Public Lands
Our Socialism
Our Young Folks
Outcomes Management
Outdoor Life
Outdoor Photographer
Outlook (American Association of University Women)
Overland Journal
Overland Monthly
Owl of Minerva
Oxford American
Oxford Anthropological Society. Journal
Oxford Art Journal
Oxford Bibliographic Society. Publications
Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics
Oxford Development Studies
Oxford Economic Papers
Oxford German Studies
Oxford Journal of Archaeology
Oxford Literary Review
Oxford Quarterly
Oxford Review
Oxford Review of Economic Policy
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Ozone: Science & Engineering

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