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Each week USBE sets aside for free distribution to libraries in developing countries and libraries in all other locations that have severe budgetary problems, hundreds of bound volumes and thousands of unbound issues of periodicals. Included in the selection are periodicals in all academic fields as well as magazines of popular interest. Dates of publication may vary widely. The Donational Program's greatest strength is in medicine, science, and technology, including computer science.

Libraries wishing to participate in the Donational Program must affirm that the periodicals received through the Program will not be sold and may be freely used by all persons who normally have access to the receiving library's collections. Publications received from the Donational Program may be exchanged or given to other institutions at no charge.

USBE regrets that it cannot provide specific titles or issues available through the Donational Program but libraries are invited to become full members of USBE and make specific requests, following procedures detailed in the USBE SHELF LIST (above) on this Web site.

Since 1992 when the Donational Program was re-activated, USBE has shipped approximately two million (2,000,000) periodicals to libraries in Tanzania, Uganda, Haiti, Philippines, Belarus, Pakistan, Peru, Ecuador, South Korea, and Vietnam as well as to several institutions in the United States.

At present USBE is equipped to send only full container lots of periodicals to libraries. Containers hold approximately 10,000 kilos packed in gaylord boxes on pallets. Receiving libraries are responsible for all preparation and transportation charges. USBE will make shipping arrangements as the receiving library requests.

In addition to the re-distribution of periodicals through the USBE Donational Program, this organization can also supply full containers of books useful to partrons of academic and public as well as secondary school libraries. The books are 90% non-fiction. Subjects that predominate include social sciences (history, sociology, economics, psychology, politics), business, humanities (especially literary criticism and art), science and technology and medicine. Many of the books are surplus from our member libraries, others are from private sources or segments of larger collections that USBE has handled.

Most books available through the Program were published 1970s-2003 but some are older. Included are reference works, dictionaries, encyclopedias and some collegiate textbooks.

There is a small charge for preparing shipments of books via the Donational Program and the amount is dependent on the number of books shipped to a single address. Please enquire for full particulars and details.

For additional information, please contact USBE by phone, email or fax.



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